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The Rhoads on
Focus on the Family

Loving the Story of Your Marriage - Part 1

Married life can be frustrating, especially when neither spouse finds the relationship enjoyable. The Rhoads tell the story of their marriage journey on Focus on the Family.

Loving the Story of Your Marriage - Part 2

Real People. Real Transformation.

Aaron & Julie

“Our marriage is the most important relationship we have and it's important for our kids. We no longer have a performance-based marriage. The grace-based marriage concept has changed our marriage forever.”

marriage testimony

Jamus & Annie

"Every time we do a Grace Marriage session, it's a breath of fresh air into our marriage. God's grace becomes more than a theological concept, but the tangible means by which our marriage grows and flourishes. We are so thankful for Grace Marriage!"

Mike & Arvetta

"We've been married for 34 years! Grace Marriage has helped us work on problems before they festered. Also, the little things that attracted us to each other to begin with are now enjoyed and not taken for granted."

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