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Wow! It's exciting to be serving marriages through [email protected]

We want to welcome all the visitors to our site and give a special welcome to all the new members!

This journey actually started through our train-wreck of a marriage during the first year. In fact, on our twentieth anniversary, I told Marilyn, “This has been the best 20 years of my life.” She responded, “It has been the best 19 of mine. There is no way I am giving you that first year!” Decades of marriage and five children later, I’m thankful for God’s kindness to us in saving our marriage after a nearly disastrous beginning.

Marilyn and I learned quickly that marriage is really nothing like dating. It’s a whole new deal. Living together, sexual freedom, merged finances, annoying habits, and all our faults become an instant reality. For some, the first year is easy. For us . . . within six months, I went from Marilyn’s favorite person to her least favorite person. Her perception of me went from “no one has ever loved me like this” to “no one has ever hurt me like this.” The adjustment was a tough pill to swallow.

For most of that first year, we lived parallel lives. I was building a career. She was finishing her degree. I didn’t realize how lonely she was, but I’d get glimpses of her deep sadness. When Marilyn would sometimes just start crying. I’d get frustrated with her: “Why are you crying?! I didn’t do anything!”

God later showed me: that was the point.  I wasn’t doing anything.

Then a major transition happened that changed EVERYTHING and we'll talk more about that inside the membership!

How many marriages can you point to and say, “I want a marriage like that! The way they love each other, the way they speak of and look at and serve each other—that is something rare and beautiful.” If the answer is, “Not many,” you’re not alone.

So what are we to do when we feel stuck in a rut of complacency? How do we make our marriages better than “doing fine,” average, up-and-down? How can we show the world the beauty of God’s design for marriage—and have a lot of fun while doing so?

That's exactly what we'll talk about inside.

Welcome to [email protected]!

P.S. - We'll be adding more videos, articles, encouragements to our blog as we move forward. Thanks for being here!


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