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You Married Three People!

I have been to many weddings officiated by my childhood preacher, and he always admonished the couple with these words: “Today, you are marrying three people: the person your husband/wife used to be, the person he/she is today, and the person he/she will be in the future.”


We all have a past. And that past affects who we are today. Some of us look back on an idyllic childhood, and some still bear the scars of hurts suffered. Some of us were raised with siblings, some weren’t. Some of us dealt with the pain of our parents’ divorce, while some grew up in healthy, intact families. Some knew early on the insecurity of money woes, and some grew up without a financial care in the world.


Most of us unknowingly project our relationships with our parents onto our relationship with our spouse. For instance, if nothing you ever did was good enough for your dad, you might have a hard time taking even the slightest criticism from your husband. But the...

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Cutting the Grass & Keeping Your Word

I knew I would marry my husband the day he told me, “Babe, when we get married you will never have to cut the grass.” Done. Signed and sealed. Yes, please.


As I write this, I’m watching him do exactly that. Cutting the grass is one thing I never have to remind him to do. He takes care of it without a comment or conversation. He knows it needs to get done and just does it.


A lot of things have changed over the course of our marriage. Life is that way. We can never predict the curve balls or the trials we will face. Like most young married couples, we thought we would be the ones who didn’t change. Our love would carry us through. While I can honestly say I love my husband more today than I did on our wedding day, our young, puppy love is not what has sustained us.


Do you want to know what has never changed throughout our marriage? God’s love. He never changes. He is always by our side. He has sustained us and held us up when we...

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