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Wow! It's exciting to be serving marriages through [email protected]

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This journey actually started through our train-wreck of a marriage during the first year. In fact, on our twentieth anniversary, I told Marilyn, “This has been the best 20 years of my life.” She responded, “It has been the best 19 of mine. There is no way I am giving you that first year!” Decades of marriage and five children later, I’m thankful for God’s kindness to us in saving our marriage after a nearly disastrous beginning.

Marilyn and I learned quickly that marriage is really nothing like dating. It’s a whole new deal. Living together, sexual freedom, merged finances, annoying habits, and all our faults become an instant reality. For some, the first year is easy. For us . . . within six months, I went from Marilyn’s favorite person to her least favorite person. Her perception of me went from “no one has ever loved me...

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