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Chaos or Avoidance? 3 Skills to Master for Fighting Fair in Marriage.

One of the keys to having a fulfilling and enduring marriage is the ability to resolve conflict well. I’ve learned through the years of helping couples, that love has to be tested through the fires of conflict. The problem with conflict in marriages is not with conflict itself. It is how we view conflict, and how we deal with conflict.

Many have grown up in families or social systems where we erred in one of two ways. We either experienced conflict in a volatile way, which is chaos. Or we never experienced conflict, which is avoidance. Neither one of these are healthy, and neither one of these are sustainable.

Scriptures tell us certain things like, “speak the truth in love”, and to “be angry, but in our anger sin not”. And Jesus reminds us we are supposed to “forgive seventy times seven”. This would all indicate we are going to have conflict in our marriages. We should expect it from time to time. However, we are to handle...

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